The Semantic’s Dream

The most accessible, semantic & future-proof way to put documents online.

Serve normal semantic content when your resources are requested. Add a single script tag to the bottom of your document. The script checks to see what useragent is accessing the document and dynamically progressively enhances your document with the features that your end user’s useragent is capable of displaying.

You instantly get the best document experience for all users. Mobile users can see the document. Enhanced mobile browsers (like the iPhone) can get a more advanced version. Screen readers get the simplest and easiest to access document. Search engine bots will see a perfectly simple document with normal links and no extra fluff.

The script uses a url mapper to dynamically add the correct template, layout and navigation to your document. For best semantic purposes you should include a link to your navigation on all documents.

If you want to dramatically change the layout of your pages, simple change the url-mapper to match those pages up to a new template.

The html of your document becomes the client-side model. Whether it be a list of products, a blog article with comments or even a complex web application.

Your view then becomes the template that the script will dynamically inject into your page.

Tired of constantly having to update the templates on thousands of static html files?!

Are you breaking your back trying to update your PHP templates for the 30th time?!

Has your client suddenly demanded that you support an insanely obtuse web browser?!

Well now there’s a solution!